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Below are comments and feedback which we have received from parents and other professionals involved in our setting
2 year old play sessions

My son and I love coming to the play sessions, there is so much for him to play with and interact with other children.  It is so good to come with him to the play sessions and see how the nursery is run.  There is a very calm atmosphere and the learn through play is excellent.  I am so impressed with this nursery, I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Mrs O, Rainham.

My grandson has loved his play days and as a nan I can rest and have peace of mind to know that he is safe and will come on a treat in all areas.  I will miss coming when he starts for good.

Mrs B, Rainham

My daughter loves coming to play sessions it gives her the opportunity to get to know the staff and the setting, ready for when she starts.  She is now confident in the routine and knows where the snack table and toilets are.  She loves playing with all the different toys and interacting with the children.  She joins in with all the activities on offer especially the art and craft.  I now feel really confident that she will settle quickly when she starts.

Mrs P, Rainham

My son has been coming to play sessions for 8 months.  His confidence has grown enormously.  He now plays and interacts with the other children more and knows the daily routines and teachers well. He is relaxed and happy at pre-school and knowing this makes me happy that leaving him on his own in september will be a smooth transition with no crying from either of us!

Mrs W, Rainham

My little one comes for play sessions and in his words "I don't like my big school I LOVE IT", he would come everyday.  The staff are geat with the children and the atmosphere is calm and an excellent environment for the children to learn and grow.

Ms M, Rainham

I have been attending play sessions with my son for ten months and I feel confident that when he attends alone he will be in great hands.  Parkwood Pre-School offers a service that seems to be unique amongst this type of facility.

Mrs H, Rainham

Two thoroughly enjoyable play sessions each week in a well-ordered, excellent learning environment.  Learning made fun and exciting.  Looking forward to the next session!  Staff are lovely.

Ms S, Rainham

My son loves coming to pre-school.It is a very fun and friendly environment with lots to do and learn.  It is teaching him to share and play with other children and getting him used to the routine of school life.

All of the staff are caring and I am happy that my son will learn and play and be happy during his time here

Mrs W, Rainham

The 2 year old play sessions are a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to gain confidence for starting pre-school. The staff are very welcoming and supportive and it is lovely to be able to learn the routines and expectations together. My daughter says 'pre-school is brilliant!'

Mrs L, Rainham

The play session was such an excellent way for my daughter to settle into such a wonderful pre-school.  She could explore the enriching environment with me near and get to know all the staff and children.  It was so helpful she could meet and get to know her key-worker because then she had that friendly face when she started.  It was also brilliant for me as a parent to get to know the staff and environment so I could talk to my daughter about them.  It also felt amazing for me as I felt confident I was leaving her in a happy, supportive, enriching environment.

Mrs V, Rainham

Parents and Carers


Thank you so much for being there for our family.  D will really miss you all. D really enjoys the home corner and tells me of all the times she has played mummies with her friends.  We all enjoy the songs and sign language she has learned with you.

Mrs S, Rainham

We are incredibly pleased with everything at Parkwood Pre-School, we feel very fortunate that our daughter attends your pre-school and we truly believe her learning journey and the start to her education will put her in a good position moving to year R and for her future.  We thank you all for supporting our daughter so well....

Mrs M, Rainham

I has learned lots from pre-school, his concentration has improved.  He loves the outdoor, particularly the forest days...

Mrs S, Gillingham


F has loved pre-school, she 'loves' all of the adults and has become confident and adventurous.  She loves forest days, outdoor play and things art and craft related.

MRS O, Rainham


We are very happy with pre-school.  The staff are lovely and professional, the setting always appears organised and I feel they offer a good bridge between nursery and school.

Mrs H, Gillingham


I think forest day is really beneficial and a positive fun activity for the children.

Mrs P, Rainham


Excellent setting, amazing staff.  I am pleased with my sons progress in a very short time.

Mrs V, Rainham.  T


Both my children have loved Parkwood Pre-School and I have always felt confident and happy to leave them.  I love how welcoming, inclusive and personable the approach is.  I always feel included in events, I always know what is happening with my child and I am constantly being fed new information and 'tit-bits' about my child's day.  The staff are non-judgemental, understanding and supportive when helping me and my child through potty training and some minor habits that I was keen to stop.  I would always recommend Parkwood Pre-School.

Ms T, Rainham


Holiday Club

My son enjoyed his days with you, he came home very happy and had lots to tell me.  He said he had lots of fun.

Mrs S, Rainham

........loves holiday club, he has now been enough times to know what to expect and really looks forward to it.  He came out of pre-school on the last day of term and the first thing he asked 'Is holiday club tomorrow?' He was disappointed he had to wait until after the weekend!!!

Mrs W, Rainham

Yes I feel it is a brilliant service, we will definitelybe putting her in again for holiday club. When asked ..... said 'we made pizza, we played outside, this is a fun nursery' This has given her the confidence in moving to this setting.  I would recommend this service from .... comments and how worn out she was, its a brilliant extended service.

Mrs B, Rainham

I would definitely recommend the holiday club particularly if your child struggles getting back into the pre-school/school routine after holiday break.

Miss S, Rainham

I would recommend the holiday club as it prepared....... well for starting pre-school on her own.  She is used to the environment, the teachers and the routines.

Mrs B, Rainham


Other Professionals

'May we take this opportunity to thank you for your hospitality  this morning, it was an interesting and enjoyable experience for our students.  All students took away a better understanding of what an Early Years setting provides which I'm sure will help them immensely in their GCSE coursework.'

Mrs P, Teacher, Health and Social Care

'Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to be involved with both staff and children in your setting.  All had an amazing time and are still buzzing from their experience. It was wonderful to see them gaining confidence outside of the classroom'

Mrs B, Teacher Brompton Academy

'Thank you for allowing children to speak, discover, invent and dream in their own way.  Thank you for all your time, support and advice I have had such an inspirational and memorable time here at Parkwood Pre-School.'

Ms K, student  teacher

'The staff were all incredibly welcoming and open......

I was particularly inspired by seeing this truly child-initiated learning and how it benefits children.  The children at Parkwood show clear cognitive development and a level of understanding, responsibility and independence that children their age do not always have.'

Ms J, student teacher

'....On behalf of the centre I very much appreciate the inter-link work you have offered us and supported us through.'

Community Liaison Officer, Miers Court Childrens Centre

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